Statement from Mayor Miyagishima on 1st COVID-19 Case in Dona Ana County

A Dona Ana County resident, a male in his 20s, has tested positive for COVID-19 according to information provided by the governor’s office. This is the first reported case to date in this area.


The following is a statement from Mayor Ken Miyagishima:


“Our best wishes go out to our neighbor and we wish a speedy recovery.


First and foremost, I ask everyone to be calm and considerate to one another and the needs of our community. While this news is unwelcome, it is not unexpected. And many residents have been preparing for this moment by stocking up on essential items. Please remember to courteous of others who cannot buy in bulk or need additional assistance in obtaining essential items.


We, at the City of Las Cruces, have ourselves been preparing. We initiated an Alert Center that can be accessed on the home page of the City of Las Cruces website at where we are posting all the latest COVID-19 related news impacting our community. People can even sign up to receive automatic notifications.


Staff under direction of Public Works Building Services, are diligent in sanitizing ‘high-touch’ surfaces at City Hall and other facilities such as door handles, elevator buttons, water fountains, counter tops and handrails.


In following the lead of the governor’s office, we have cancelled all unnecessary out-of-state travel, are helping reduce large gatherings by cancelling certain athletic and entertainment activities. We have closed some facilities, reduced hours at others and suspended certain programs. We ask community members to conduct bill pay and permit submittal through our online services.


In addition, we are prioritizing essential functions and essential staff to continue providing those functions. We are looking at work-from-home options and various leave and pay options for employees. Be assured, essential functions that will not be impacted are police, fire, utilities and street and traffic operations.”


To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 related illness, the City asks residents to limit person to person contact, to wash their hands often especially if they have been in public areas, or after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing. Residents are also encouraged to use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in their work areas, avoid touching their faces, and to stay home if they feel sick and to get medical care if needed to help prevent any illnesses from passing to others.


All information about City of Las Cruces actions related to COVID-19 is available at the Alert Center. The Alert Center icon is located at the top of the City homepage at